Solomon's Sky :


                    The Religious Board Game  on the Phaistos Disk  


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Caption for Cover and Frontipiece: The sky chart and religious gameboard on the cover is formed by joining end to end the two paths from the front and back of the Phaistos Disk and folding this restored sequence with two U-turns to make a square mini-labyrinth. This unlocks the original path where some signs appear to circle a common pole.
The frontispiece shows these same signs projected on the actual northern night sky. These “Cretan constellations” organize the circumpolar stars into simple figures that are easier to find and remember than our arbitrary modern constellation lines. Their realistic arrangement on this reconstructed path confirms beyond doubt that the reconstruction is correct, and the positions of these constellations are not produced by chance. Other astronomical data are also embedded in that reconstructed path. 
This ancient labyrinth sky chart depicted the then known cosmos and its cycles so well that, as you will see in chapter 11, it appears to have influenced the layout of King Solomon’s temple precinct which was meant to reproduce God's design of heaven on earth.
The Cretan labyrinth had been built to house a divine being with the head of a bull, and some ancient sources claim that King Solomon built a labyrinth for his God whom the Bible called “the Bull of Jacob”. The Phaistos Disk now connects these previously separate legends and explains their significance.
Comments about the book: "This story will fascinate anyone who enjoys the unraveling of an intriguing mystery -- whether you are a history buff, an archaeologist or simply someone who loves a good puzzle. I, for one, found this book both entertaining and very educational." From the book description by Mark Edwards, Nr.1 bestselling co-author of “Catch Your Death” and “Killing Cupid”.
"Solomon's Sky is definitely an enjoyable book, and also very informative. (...) Learning about these ancient connections and mysteries in Solomon's Sky has opened a window to the past for me and reminded me how fascinating history can be." From a review by Victoria Shockley, Editor at Wandering in the Words Press, and author of the five-star Kindle booklet "The Elevator".
"In Solomon’s Sky we are presented with a “whatizit” artifact, the archeological analog to an Agatha Christie “whodunit”. From a review by T. Presershof
"With an easy to follow style and a splash of humor, Aleff makes Solomon's Sky a must read for anyone interested in spectacular discoveries and solutions to ancient riddles." From a review by Phil Bolos, author of "Fiend: The Manifestation",
"Reading this e-book is an experience akin to being seated at a dinner party next to an amusing amateur of arcane subjects, skilled in the art of storytelling." From a review by Candida Martinelli, site owner at 
"This is by far and away the best interpretation and application of the possible meaning of the symbols on the Cretan disk that has baffled layman and specialist alike for a century. (...) If you have any interest in any of the subjects of archaeology, astro-archaeology, games and game boards, ancient astronomy/astrology, labyrinths, mythology and comparative religion, the history of ritual, orbital mechanics and mathematics, get this e-book. And get the game board." From a review by Andy Weisberg, site owner at


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Solomon's Sky :

The Tapestry of Heaven from the Phaistos Disk

 Peter Aleff

Recovered  Science Press
Middletown, Rhode Island 02842

hpaleff at recoveredscience dot com


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An earlier version of the now slightly updated Part 1 was published in 2003 as an e-book under the title "The Tapestry of Heaven from the Phaistos Disk
". The present 2013 edition as "Solomon's Sky" is the first that also includes Part 2.

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Aleff, Peter
Solomon's Sky: The Tapestry of Heaven from the Phaistos Disk

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