Solomon's Sky : The Tapestry of Heaven from the Phaistos Disk
Copyright 2015 Peter Aleff


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Peter Aleff

Peter Aleff's interest in religions seems to come from a gene pool that includes four successive generations of protestant pastors and distinguished theologians descended from Huguenot heretics who had been exiled for their faith, and his tendency to question them echoes an ancestral rebel knight and Hussite general who got beheaded for his opposition to corrupt authorities. On the other hand, his pragmatic side may stem, at least in part, from a continuous string of five nose-to-the-grindstone millers who each married the baker's daughter, keeping the family business vertically integrated with those captive customers. 

Possibly influenced by this baggage, he started inquiring about history and mythology even before he learned to read, and he has continued ever since. He studied history and philosophy at the University of Basel in Switzerland as well as mathematics and the dismal science of economics. Then he decided to earn a living and took technical courses at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers in Paris, France, to begin a career in engineering and managing manufacturing companies. He worked first in France and then in several American states where he was awarded three U.S. patents for some of his inventions.

In his free time, he researched in particular the history and meanings of board games and wrote in 1982 the rough but essentially entire draft outline of the present story about the Phaistos Disk under the title "The Labyrinth Game", then re-created that ancient game for modern users. Over the next three decades, during a busy work life but in anticipation of some day finding the time to compile and publish this fascinating story, he collected relevant books and articles and notes to flesh out the context and ramifications of the information found on the Disk. Then he pulled it all together in "Solomon's Sky: The Tapestry of Heaven from the Phaistos Disk
" for your surprise and delight.