Solomon's Sky


                    The Religious Board Game  on the Phaistos Disk  


Front cover :


Solomon's Sky
The Tapestry of Heaven from the Phaistos Disk

Peter Aleff



The above sky chart and religious gameboard is formed by joining end to end the two paths from the front and back of the Phaistos Disk and folding this restored sequence with two U-turns to make a square mini-labyrinth. This unlocks the original path where some signs appear to circle a common pole. Compare these on the back cover  >>>



Back cover:


> with the same signs projected here on the actual northern night sky. These simple "Cretan constellations" organize the circumpolar stars into figures that are easier to find and remember than our arbitrary modern constellation lines. Whether this labyrinth sky chart came to Canaan with the Philistines or had been established there long before, it depicted the then known cosmos and its cycles so well that it appears to have influenced the layout of King Solomon's temple precinct which was meant to reproduce heaven on earth. When you place the labyrinth grid over that temple court layout, oriented the ancient way with south at the top, then the celestial north pole on the labyrinth chart falls neatly into the south-west >>



>> corner of the always dark Holy of Holies, the outdoor altar fits into the central square, and the entrance to the labyrinth path matches the temple precinct's most formal entrance, the "Prison Gate", in location and in meaning. The Cretan labyrinth had been built as a prison for a divine being with the head of a bull, and  many ancient sources claim that King Solomon built a labyrinth for his God whom the Bible called "the Bull of Jacob".

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The above front and back covers are those of the upcoming 2012 paperback edition that combines the previously published part 1 and the new part 2 into one volume.

Part 1: The Phaistos Disk's Ancient Egyptian siblings Snake Game and Senet, its direct descendant the still popular spiral Game of the Goose, and the striking parallels of its "Philistine sun head" path of fields with the much later life and death and third-day resurrection of Jesus Christ. (An earlier version of this meanwhile augmented part was published in 2003 by Recovered Science Press as e-book under the title "The Board Game on the Phaistos Disk.)

Part 2 : The astronomical and calendrical cycles on its path,
its role as a
sky chart and labyrinth mandala of heaven,
its similarities with the layout of
King Solomonís Temple precinct, and its later evolution into Chess and beyond.

978-0-9724646-3-5   E-book :      Price  $4.95

ISBN 978-0-9724646-4-2   Paperback:  Price $19.95

Product details:  480 pages in paperback,   150 B&W     illustrations, 140,000 words


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